About Kate


Meditation and the creative arts are practices, something to be called forth time and again. With each session or workshop, there is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the self.

I have been an instructor of a variety of creative and empowering arts for over 40 years. After receiving my MFA, I began a career of making and teaching photography while exploring methods of unique books construction and other creative processes.


My path to meditation

I have been studying instinctive meditation for the past seven years with Lorin Roche, who translated the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra as the Radiance Sutras, and Camille Maurine, author of Meditation Secrets for Women.


Energy awareness as intuition

Locally, I have studied with Lory Pollina for over three years on energy healing and awareness. 


What this all means for you

In bringing the skills I have cultivated over time to all of my workshop and meditation sessions, I encourage the highest calling in creativity and growth for my students. 


All abundances in life to you,

Kate Stapleton Parzych 

Sundri Anand

photo of Kate by Nancy Gaeden