Individual Sessions

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Intuitive Meditation


I have 8 openings - free of charge -  available for individual meditation sessions through the summer solstice 2020 (June 21st) with the energy exchange simply being a request of providing me with written feedback of your meditation experience.  

Thank you for helping my guidance flow and grow.

Please contact me to set up an individual meditation session, where we can develop a personalized approach for you to practice. Use the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page - thank you!

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Digital Photography


Beginning in Summer 2020, I am available to offer individual or small group (up to 4 participants) digital photography lesson sessions to provide an introduction to camera functions, and nurturing of your personal sense of image style through grounding and meditation. 

Please contact me for details and pricing using the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.

Contact Us

If you would like to make an appointment for an individual meditation session, or have a question about any of our offerings at Sundri Anand, just write a note to us here: