Instinctive Meditation

Multi-limbed cypress tree in California.

A meditation for all of the senses.

Allow all of yourself to show up for meditation! 

An intuitive/instinctive approach to meditation means that one does not need to quiet the mind of all thoughts. 

Instead, all our ruminations and moods are welcome to be part of the space (even the heavier ones). No need to sit still, and it is okay if the mind wanders.

Observing our thoughts through meditation – celebrating and acknowledging everything from what we delight in to what’s on our to-do lists is part of the healing dynamic of meditation of and for the senses.  


Participants in my group sessions are guided through a series of meditations - beginning with some very gentle movement and breath awareness to acclimate to the space. 

Depending on the length of the session it will start with a 5 minute jump-in, and continuing with two 20 minute sets - with ample time in between each one, as well as time and space to adjust back to the “real world” at the end of the session. 

During the workshops at the WNY Book Arts Center, the current gallery show is the catalyst for the meditation, and a discussion of the art on display is at the center of the session.

Individual Sessions through Sundri Anand gives an opportunity to create and develop an enjoyable method of meditation practice that is harmony with your spirit and lifestyle.