Instinctive meditation is a way to revitalize yourself.

Become aware of the uniqueness of You within the rhythms of life.

Welcome to Sundri Anand

 Sundri Anand is the name for the priestess/lioness that walks divinely with grace throughout their life.

This is what I offer to you when you join me for instinctive meditation.

There is a grace in embracing who you truly are.

There is a graceful power, like a lioness/lion, in being true to yourself.

Sundri Anand Offerings

Sunlit spider web in the woods in summer.

Meditation Sessions

Meditation Sessions

Meditation Sessions

I have led group meditation sessions at Inspiration Point, WNY Book Arts, Shakti Yoga, and Yoga Parkside. 

Now that we are in a  Stay At Home way of life, I will be offering individual and group instinctive meditations through zoom. To be notified of the next session, please sign up for the Sundri Anand newsletter listed on this page. Thank you!

Image of book arts workshop table with projects being constructed.

Art Workshops

Meditation Sessions

Meditation Sessions

I am a teaching artist for Buffalo NY area arts centers such as CEPA Gallery and WNY Book Arts. 

Links to art workshops will be posted on our Resources page as they are announced.  

Cyanotype of trees in winter.


Meditation Sessions


I draw with light using digital, silver, and non-silver alternative techniques to record the spaces between moments that will be recalled later as memory. Gallery page of my work will be forthcoming.

- thank you for your interest in all creative and empowering arts -

Sundri Anand

pronounced: soondree ah-nahnd Photographs on this website unless otherwise noted are by Kate Stapleton Parzych

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina.

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. 

A mini-meditation when you are screen-watching.